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RJ: Spotlight on Louis Vuitton/Supreme

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There has been a radical change in Fashion statements in 2017. The new year has brought a lot of interesting changes, some big some small. No doubt, some surprises were more pleasant than the others. Yes, we are talking about the Louis Vuitton and supreme collaboration that has been in the rumors for quite some time now. We are glad to say that it is true. The style icon is actually collaborating with Supreme to create fashionable accessories that are sure to wow. We can’t wait for the collection to hit the runways and it is expected that it will soon.

The first of many stylish statements of the collaboration was out this Thursday. It was a bright red fanny pack with the word ‘Supreme’ etched on it. It made its walk of fame on the runway during the fall 2017 men’s runway show and believe us when we say that the fanny pack was every bit as chic as possible. Onlookers are waiting with bated breath and expectancy for the release of the entire collection.

In addition to this, the collection also includes an exotic mobile cover in the signature hot red, gloves, a mesmerizing baseball bat and a signature skateboard. Belts, beautiful shirts, stylish caps and enchanting shoes are also included in the collection. Besides these, Louis Vuitton has also portrayed beautiful boxes that look stylish and chic at the same time. There is nothing that has been left out. Clearly, the amazing grace of these first pieces has raised expectations about what is to come. What do Louis Vuitton and supreme have in store for us?

It all started when the creative director, Kim Jones, posted and then deleted the idea of a collaboration. That information got leaked, and the die-hard fans of Louis Vuitton and supreme are waiting for the release ever since. In an interview, he says that this collaboration will have that 'pop art feeling' that he felt strongly about when he initially started working with the brand. The many fans, us included, agree wholeheartedly with Jones and would love to try out the streetwear for ourselves.

So, when is the collection actually dropping? It’s said that the entire collection will be available at selected stores, some at Louis Vuitton outlets and some at other locations. The date of the expected release is July 17th. So, we are guessing much anticipation and excitement in the coming months. So, it’s an official meet up on the 17th of July then. We will be ogling at the exotic new pieces from the iconic fashionistas of the glamor world as well! All in all, 2017 is up for an amazing start, with new and exotic fashion trends circulating the air. The Louis Vuitton/supreme collaboration has been in the eyes of fashion lovers for some time now. It’s about time that you get the whole experience for yourself!