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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are Your Products Authentic?

Yes. All of our Products are Verified by Trained & Knowledgeable Team Members

Do You Consign Items?

Yes. We Consign Selected Items on a Flat Fee Structure for 90 Days at a Time.

What is your Return Policy?

If a retail item does not fit, it must be Returned within 72 Hours of Signed Shipping Receipt

Purchases of Bags & Jewelry are Final Sale.

How Long After I Purchase My Item will I Receive It?

All Purchases will be shipped within 2-3 Business Days. Postal times vary depending on Location. Overnight Service is available upon Request.

What is a Certified Rebound Therapist?

A Certified Rebound Therapist is Trained to Answer Merchandise Questions, Evaluate Items Consignment Eligibility, & Provide Style Advice