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hugh hefner

RJ: Rest in Peace to a LEGEND! Hugh M. Hefner (April 9, 1926-September 27, 2017)

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Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy, passed away yesterday from natural causes, he was 91. Hugh!!!! All I can think of is my childhood in the 80's!! An absolute ICONIC individual. I used to sneak and look at my dad's playboy magazines all the time, and not for the reasons you may think lol. I just thought the women were beautiful! I loved the hair, makeup, the bunny costumes, the "tasteful" spreads, I loved it all! Hugh Hefner was born in Chicago in 1929 and graduated from the university of Illinois. He worked at Esquire before launching Playboy in 1953. At its peak in the 1970's Playboy had more than 7 million readers! In my opinion, to this day, the Playboy brand is still unmatched. What a life, rest in paradise Mr. Hefner!


Check out this beautiful cover of Playboy from October 1971, featuring Darine Stern (November 16, 1947 – February 5, 1994). She was the first African-American woman to be featured by herself on a Playboy cover!